Transit center / Transittmottaket

In 2016 I participated in a project to gather artists / designers to interpret childrens drawings from refugee asylums. In collaboration with the Red Cross, I lead this project to raise money fir the children and to let design(ers) tell their stories. We chose the skateboard as canvas, since Norway was the only country in the world that had a zero tollerance ban on the skateboard until 1989. For us, it represents attitude change. The boards were handmade by students from AHO.

Graphic designers: Rebecca Urquhart, Even Suseg, Mathias Masarati Norby, Martin Vattum, Peter-John de Villiers,
Petter Richardsen Nordhagen, Jonas Carlsen, Michael Søderqvist & Manisa Sanurklang
Art Directors: Aon Raza Naqvi & Manisa Sanurklang
Product designers: Petter Richardsen Nordhagen & Jonas Carlsen
Collaborations: Frifond, Red Cross and Colormaster
Year: December 2016
Photo by: Michael Ray VC Angeles, Christian Bastiansen, Mohammed Ataey & Aon Raza Naqvi